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2009年11月01日 08:25


Cooking Attitude by Aveline Tomoko Kushi
「料理の心得」 久司 アベリーヌ 偕子 より

Besides having good-quality food and proper cookware, to be a good cook, the right attitude and frame of mind are also necessary. Here is another check list.
よい材料と適切な調理器具を用意した上で、良い料理人であるには、正しい態度と気持ちが必要です。 皆さんで以下の項目を確認してみましょう。 

1. A cook should leave all worries, problems, and angers behind as he or she relaxes mind and body into a peaceful, calm state of being. A cook’s thoughts and emotions are mixed into the food and have an effect on anyone who eats it. Here are some things, among others, to remember while cooking.
料理人は、全ての悩み、問題や怒りを捨て去り、平和で、穏やかな状態へと心と身体を落ち着かせましょう。 料理人の思考や感情は、調理された食べ物の中へと混入し、食した全ての人に影響をあたえます。 ですから、料理人は料理をしている間は下記のことに心をとめましょう。

A) Pour love and healing vibrations into the food, and imagine that whoever eats it will become healthier and happier.

B) Imagine that the food has the power to help individuals realize their dreams, and that with this tool comes the ability to vitalize and inspire whole civilizations. This is actually true.
食べものはひとりひとりの夢をかなえる力があり、そしてこの考えが、全ての文明を活性化し啓蒙する力を導く道具であると想像しましょう。 これは真実のことです。

C) Give thanks to the farmer, trucker, storekeeper, nature, the food itself, cookware companies, and anyone else who has made it possible to have these wonderful ingredients and utensils.

D) A cook can imagine that he or she is composing a symphony or painting a masterpiece as colors, textures, tastes, and smells are arranged into beautiful and dynamic combinations. Anyone who cooks should work to release his or her creativity and intuition. These develop with experience, so be patient and persistent.
料理人は、交響曲の作曲家や、名画を描く画家のように、色彩、歯ごたえ、味覚、嗅覚を美しく大胆な組み合わせで配列することを想像できます。 誰もが自分の創造性と直観を開放して料理をいたしましょう。 経験と共にこれらは発達します。 根気よく、辛抱強く続けましょう。

E) Realize that there is always more to learn. One should never become arrogant and think that he or she now knows it all. Be open and learn from everyone. We all have different perspectives and ideas and therefore we all have something to offer.
さらなる学びが常にあります。 どんな時も、けっして全てを知ったと横柄になるべきではありません。 心を開き、全ての人から学びましょう。 私達は皆、異なる観点や考えを持っていますから、何らか提供できるものがあるものです。

2. Clean and organize the kitchen and surroundings before, during, and after cooking.

3. Long hair should be tied back to prevent it from catching on fire as well as from falling into the food. Wear a clean apron and roll up long sleeves.

4. Work quickly, calmly, and efficiently, economically making the most of one’s time. Avoid munching while cooking as this will really slow things down.

5. Keep other activities and distractions to a minimum and concentrate all energies on the task at hand.

6. When making a menu, first look at all leftovers and older vegetables and use these first. Do not waste any food. Avoid buying more perishables than needed. Check supplies first before going shopping.
献立を考えるときは、まずどんな残り物や使いかけの野菜があるか確認し、それらを優先して使いましょう。 食べものを粗末にせず、必要以上に買うのは避けましょう。 

7. Develop intuition and common sense in order to appropriately adapt meals to the weather, the season, the people for whom one is cooking, and one’s own needs. A cook should be aware of the daily needs and changes of others, his or her own moods, and any other influencing factors for that particular place and time.
天候、季節、誰に調理しているか、その人自身の必要としているものなどを適宜食事に取り込むために、直観と良識のある判断力を育てましょう。  料理人は、食べる人が毎日必要なものや変化、気分、食べる時や場所などその他影響を与える物事に常に意識しなければなりません。

8. Keep meals simple. Do not mash together a lot of different ingredients into one dish. Go light on seasonings and use them mainly to draw out and enhance the natural flavors of food.

9. Decorate food beautifully, set the table using appealing tableware, and make the dining area comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. This enhances appetite and the dining experience.
食べ物を美しく盛り付け、素敵なテーブルコーディネートをして、ダイニングルームを快適で心から楽しませるように整えましょう。 これにより、食欲を促進し、食空間の体験を盛り上げます。

10. Take the time and place to relax, sit down, and peacefully enjoy meals with appreciation. Chew food thoroughly, the saliva helps digestion. Also it is best not to eat unless one is truly hungry.



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