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time for reforming our local council will be 2years time

2011年03月08日 18:26

From my experiences covering Nagoya’s “Citizen’s Revolution”, I came to the conclusion that the time for reforming our local council will be 2years time.

Nagoya’s “Citizen’s Revolution


I faithfully pledge to give it my all in carrying out the following promises, and humbly ask for your support.

From the power of our youth to power by the people – a society where citizens support one another!
A cultural environment in Kodaira that cultivates true citizens of an international society!

① Reduce current remuneration levels of assembly members in half from 9 million yen to 4.5 million yen.

This will result in a cut of 126 million yen – the money will be used to ② invest in the future generations of those who will lead Kodaira (see below). I also pledge to halt the planning of Route 3・3・8 , including the 25 billion yen in wasteful costs。

② In order to create a youth-centred, more passionate local community, I pledge to form a think-tank, entitled “Youth Challenge Project”. This hands-on organization will centre on NPOs, student groups, and individuals, and create policy ideas in order to develop a “society that inspires our youth”. Over four years I also pledge to create an education system for local assembly candidates that incorporates innovative ideas not from political parties, but from respective local organizations.

Specific proposals

1: Policies to improve the employment situation for young people: discussions with local adults – “What is a job?”

2: Internships (job experience) for high-school/university students in local businesses.
>> Issuance of completion certificates for those who complete internships in day-care centres, nurseries, nursing facilities, farms, and other companies. This will assist in job-hunting.

3: In order to promote exchange between university students, foreign students, and high school students, we will hold events such as a “Katarou-kai” (“Let’s Talk Group”), speech contest, and business presentation contest.

4: Formation of a “Kodaira PR Student Group”.
Complete renewal of the […] homepage (どのホームページですか), preparation of PR tourism pamphlets to promote life in Kodaira.
Creation of a multilingual homepage (English, Korean, and Chinese).

5: Selection of a “Kodaira Art Ambassador”. Art Exhibitions to be held around train stations, housing complexes and other open areas.

6: Formation of a “Kodaira Recipe” Development Unit.

Development of new recipes by local parents using Kodaira’s fresh agricultural produce.

7: “Farm experience with Grandma and Grandpa”

Passing on the importance of agriculture and the Japanese spirit to the next generation.

The opening of the Kodaira International Red and White Singing Contest. This will gather festival-loving Japanese and foreign Kodaira residents, as well as overseas ambassadors. It will be held at the Rune Kodaira, with Japanese contestants singing in a foreign language, and foreign contestants singing in Japanese. Press releases will be sent not only to NHK and the private broadcasters, but also the foreign media. If possible, the event will also be broadcast live with the aim of presenting Kodaira to the world as a city of international culture.

③ 300 students from middle school, high school, and university will be selected to become “Kodaira Youth Tourism Ambassadors”. They will receive training for one year in Japanese culture, English, Chinese and Korean. They will also undertake the “Beautiful Town – Tokyo Model Citizens” program, where they will learn how to provide the best possible experience for foreign tourists The highest achieving 100 students will travel overseas as cultural exchange students.
                                                   ④The promotion of 200 households to accept foreign students for homestay.

= Other policy issues =

① I will seek to halt the Route 3・3・8 plan. I do not believe there is a need to continue construction - and spend an estimated 25 billion yen - on a road when the demand for one is in doubt and when traffic overall is on the decline. We cannot overlook 25 billion yen in wasted expenditure when we consider the budget to tackle the shortage of nursing facilities is so small, as well as the problems concerning kindergarten waiting lists.

Please see the following webpage: http://338kangaerukai.seesaa.net/category/9050422-1.html

② I propose a ten-year company tax exemption for venture businesses tackling environmental issues through innovative technology when they transfer to Kodaira. The city will also provide financial support to such companies in their initial stage of transferring. I aim to attract promising, environmentally-friendly enterprises.




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